Leadership Retreats

We specialise in working with Couples who run their own businesses.

Come and stay with us at our newly built, totally gorgeous retreat space at Castlepoint, Wairarapa.

Your Retreat Coach will enable and guide you through key processes particularly relevant to your personal and business circumstances. You will go away with new tools and a fresh sense of energy for your life and work. 

You'll be looked after, and refreshed, but also given the chance to work on your business and personal goals in a transformative way.

Being 'a couple' in business has a number of advantages, as well as challenges. We will work with you to co-create the programme for your retreat, identifying areas for attention as well as for celebration. Your retreat can be as short or long as you need but we encourage you to take a minimum of 2 nights away to allow time for unwinding, as well as looking forward.

Do please get in touch for a chat.

We are always happy to talk through the possibilities for making this the best investment you've ever made!

Bookings for Retreats are open now for September 2020 onwards.