Leadership Retreats

Two Day Residential Leadership Retreat with Pre and Post Coaching 

Designed specifically to create thinking space for senior leaders in organisations, this retreat will be facilitated by Kathy Tracey & Clive Fenner who bring a wealth of leadership experience of their own, as well as being qualified coaches and highly engaging and knowledgeable leadership workshop facilitators.

Kathy & Clive both know intimately the experience of feeling overwhelmed by the complexities that senior leadership can bring. They also know and will share the thinking frameworks and tools that have helped them, and others, to tackle and overcome the challenges that those in leadership roles often face. This retreat will provide the much sought after quality thinking space leaders need to engage in high quality thinking, and to reflect and revive themselves.

Participating in these two days will:

  • Offer leaders a practical framework for bringing creative and productive thinking to their own (and others) challenges and problem solving
  • Allow leaders to explore and recognise more easily the systemic dynamics of leadership and followership, and how that affects their own decision making and strategic thinking - particularly in relation to their people and teams
  • Give leaders the space to consider and address their own leadership issues and challenges in a supportive constructive environment
  • Leave participants feeling better equipped and refreshed to deal with the complexities of leadership

The content of the days will include a number of theoretical frameworks with plenty of opportunity for application and discussion. There will be peer coaching opportunities and time for reflection and planning. 

The retreat typically includes one overnight stay in a private room with ensuite facilities with all meals included.

Pre and post coaching sessions are an integral part of the programme – after 4 to 6 weeks participants will have had a chance to implement plans and we then provide space for them to reflect on their actions. The coaching sessions will be individually tailored for each participant allowing them to analyse and reflect on what has been successful and which issues may need a different approach. The coaching sessions are typically 60 - 90 minutes and are conducted either face to face or by telephone/Skype dependant on location and preference.

Please contact us for more details.