The ABD to Victory

Imagine being in an enclosed space 3 metres long, 1.5 metres wide and 1 metre deep with 3 other people. Then imagine that you are in this space in the middle of a tropical storm: now imagine that you are on the ocean, hundreds of miles from land and you are being thrown about by huge waves and battered by gale force winds…

The 2005 Atlantic Rowing Race was the roughest race on record.  The crews were battered by huge seas and storms, there were 18 capsizes, 3 boats attacked by sharks, and out of the 26 boats competing, 6 had to retire and only half the boats finished the race unassisted.  Mission Atlantic was officially placed first amongst all the fours boats, including the men’s fours.  This was an incredible feat of endurance, bravery, teamwork, tolerance, organisation, learning, motivation and sheer hard work.

Kathy is eternally grateful for her crew mates, Sarah Day, Lois Rawlings and Paula Evemy, and to the entire (huge) team of supporters who made the adventure a huge success. The crew proudly receiving a Guinness World Record for their efforts.

Kathy is the author of “The ABD to Victory”, a practical, easily accessible workbook which is the perfect accompaniment to her keynote speeches and workshops. Through the ABD process steps Kathy shows us what it takes for ordinary people to achieve extraordinary things. It's simple but it's not easy! 

Her pragmatic explanation of belief systems and how we can change them, her inspiration to get us out of our comfort zones, and her assertion that you can’t break the winners tape before you break a sweat, motivates people into action.

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Kathy Tracey

Founding Partner

Master Systemic Team Coach, Leadership Coach, Facilitator, Trainer and Speaker



Kathy is a Master Practitioner of Systemic Team Coaching (AoEC, London) and holds an Advanced Certificate in Executive Coaching at Masters Level from the University of West England. Kathy’s academic qualifications also include a Bachelor of Social Work Degree from Massey University; a Masters Degree in Education (Exeter University); a Postgraduate Certificate in Professional Management and a Post Graduate Diploma in Personnel Management (both Portsmouth University).

Her most recent focus of study is in the field of systemic constellations, and since 2015 has been researching and practicing, and now also training others in this powerful methodology of coaching.

Kathy is a celebrated Ocean Rower, holding, along with her 3 crewmates, a Guinness World Record for the first ever women’s fours crew to row across any ocean. They were entirely self-sufficient for the duration of the journey across the Atlantic, a gruelling 67 days, 7 hours and 20 minutes. Her Keynote speech  “The ABD to Victory", led to her to be accepted as a Member of the International Federation of Speakers.

Kathy’s background includes working in the public sector as a qualified social worker in Child Protection and family work, working in the manufacturing sector at her father’s clothing factory, and representing New Zealand in the 1986 World Kayak Championships in Montreal, and winning a silver medal at the Commonwealth Kayak Regatta the same year.

Over a period of 7 years Kathy chaired Guernsey Employment and Discrimination Tribunals, qualified as a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD and a Member of the Institute of Directors. She was also the first woman to serve as Vice President of the Guernsey Chamber of Commerce in its 200 year history.

Kathy's first business, The Learning Company,  was hugely successful in building a reputation for exceptionally high quality training, executive and team coaching, and consultancy. Kathy was a highly sought after facilitator and coach working not only in the UK but also in mainland Europe. Her second business "Tools 4 Trainers" produced and sold DVD's around the world. Kathy wrote, directed and acted in 
the educational vignettes of organisational life, demonstrating good and bad management practice.

Now back in New Zealand, Kathy offers 24 & 48 hour retreats to business and organisational leaders at her purpose built venue at Castlepoint in the Wairarapa. Giving leaders space to work on their business rather than in their business.


 Kathy & The ABD to Victory