Our Services

  • Systemic Leadership and Executive Coaching
    • Professionally qualified in the UK, we are experienced coaches who work alongside our clients enabling them to meet their goals. In continuing consultation with the client, coaches work using varied appropriate methodology matched to the needs of each individual. This may include the use of Systemic Mapping; Organisational Constellations; Cognitive Behavioural Coaching;  Goal Setting and GROW model coaching; NLP techniques; Visualisations; and various problem solving and planning models. Executive coaching is structured to suit the needs and preferences of the client with the coaches knowledge and experience of the most successful frameworks playing a part in the collaborative design. A programme could include, a profiling exercise or 360 feedback process, and 5 x 90 minute meetings over a six month period, with a review to follow. Coaching may also be a one off session to assist with a presentation, or a continuing series of conversations every month face to face or by Skype. Talk to us about the options.

  • Experiential Leadership Workshops
    • We are licensed by Power + Systems to deliver 'The Organisation Workshop' & 'When Cultures Meet'. These workshops are used extensively by a vast range of organisations including global giants Boeing & Microsoft, who recognise these programmes as being critical to rapidly enhancing leadership development. 

  • Systemic Team Coaching
    • In service of the whole organisation or system in which the coach is working, a variety of techniques are utilised in order to deepen the understanding of the systemic forces that may be hindering organisational and/or team effectiveness. Leaders and team members are assisted to create solutions and more productive pathways to success. Enhancing a deeper and more effective level of working in partnership with others underpins this approach.

  • Away Days/Off-site Events
    • Sometimes you need to get away from the daily long list of tasks and issues and concentrate on improving team relationships and communication. We specialise in designing and delivering away days that include a variety of activities specifically tailored to match the needs of your team, department or whole company. One of our favourites is a day including a fabulous Master Drummer from Narukami Taiko, who takes us through a unique, immersive and interactive experience which has teams talking and tapping well after the day has ended!  Together we can create more lasting effects than a simple 'fun day out' can achieve. Talk to us for more ideas and programmes.

  • Independent Facilitation of Offsite & Onsite Meetings
    • An independent facilitator is an invaluable asset to leaders and managers who want to relinquish the responsibility for leading particular discussions or need to be able to take part without the leadership role influencing the process. Facilitators can design exercises and processes to enable certain discussions to take place whilst also being aware of, and managing, emotive or difficult content.

  • Personality, Motivation & Team Profiling
    • Behavioural Style, Underpinning Motivators and EQ are all measured by the 'Science of Self' Assessment that we are accredited to administer and analyse. These measures bring a direct and deliberate framework in which to understand others, improve communication and teamwork and enhance our own self awareness. We utilise this science in our coaching programmes as well as in group facilitation. It is fast, effective and fun to work with.

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