Coaching & Mentoring

  • Leaders wanting to reflect & plan
  • Teams who need to achieve
  • People who need to make good decisions and want a completely confidential 'sounding board' 
  • People wanting different perspectives on situations or problems
  • Managers who want to think and work more creatively
  • People & teams needing to solve problems
  • Change makers needing to devise strategy
  • Anyone wanting to  perform more effectively 

​Driving Team Effectiveness

What we do

We work with you to understand your goals and your organisational context, co-creating an intervention that will work for you. Our coaching is enabling and supportive and also challenging and direct where required. Using a unique combination of systemic and leadership development tools we create high quality thinking space for you.

Our Clients

​​​​We design and facilitate Off-site Events and Team Coaching Programmes, we enable people to work more confidently and competently together.

We work with all types of teams from Leaders on strategy and business growth, to Intact Teams on communications and roles. Our programmes are respectful and rigorous, and highly motivational.

We specialise in providing leaders, and leadership teams, useful productive thinking space through individual and systemic team coaching, leadership retreats and off-sites. We facilitate workshops and organisational simulations to build understanding and enhance performance.

​We believe emotional intelligence is one of the critical keys to success, so we work particularly on self awareness, self regulation, motivation, relationship and people skills.